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Online marketers need a quick and efficient way to design landing pages built for conversion. Divi makes it easy to design landing pages with the tools marketers need to grow their audience.

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Landing Pages

No-Code Landing Page Builder

The power of Divi lies not only in what it allows you to build, but how quickly and efficiently it allows you to build it. Divi gives you the power to build landing pages with the efficiency you need so you can spend less time on design and more time growing your audience.

No Code Development

No-Code Design

Divi’s visual builder is the ultimate WordPress design tool. Build websites visually and customize everything using thousands of design options. This is how websites were meant to be designed.

Divi Modules

Hundreds Of Content Elements

It’s easy to build any type of website with Divi thanks to its large collection of content elements. You can find hundreds more in the Divi Marketplace too! There’s always an answer with Divi.

Split Testing

Split Testing & Analytics

When it comes to finding the right design for your landing page, the visitors are always right. With split testing and analytics already built in, you can use Divi Leads to find out what landing page design converts the best.

Form Builder

Collect Leads With Divi's Contact Form Builder

Every landing page needs a contact form that can collect quality leads effectively. Divi’s contact form builder gives you the ability to construct your own forms with the field types needed to collect the right information from your visitors. The form builder also has a conditional logic system that can be used to show or hide fields based on user input.

Display Conditions

Tailor Content To Visitors Based On The Way They Interact With Your Website

Condition Options are built in to every Divi element, allowing you to control the visibility of content using advanced conditional logic. This allows you to display product up-sells on a checkout page if a user has a specific product in their cart, show premium content only to logged-in users, and so much more.

Display Conditions

Split Testing And Conversion Optimization

Divi comes with split testing and conversion analytics built in to the builder. This is one of Divi greatest and most unique features, and it makes Divi the best landing page builder for WordPress, hands down!

Split Testing

Split Test Different Elements And Designs

In Divi, it’s easy to quickly create different content variations and designs within the visual builder. Using Divi Leads split testing system, you can take these different variations and use them to start a split test. Divi will show each variation to a different subset of visitors and track which variation performs the best.

Divi Leads Split Testing

Goal Testing

Select Different Goals On The Page

When you start a split test in Divi, you choose the goal. Divi will then track how each content variation within the test affects the goal outcome. As the test collects data, it will be clear which version of your content results in the most goal conversions. You can select from various goals, such as sales, form submissions, clicks, reads and views to determine the success of the current page you are working on.

Divi Leads Goal Testing

Conversion Analytics

Review Built-In Conversion Analytics

While a split test is running, Divi Leads collects conversion data and keeps track of the conversion rate of each content variation. You can view these analytics and watch your test collect data and determine the most effective version of your page.

Grow Your Following And Promote Your Website

Every website should be growing their email list, growing their social following and promoting social sharing on their website. Divi, in combination with Bloom and Monarch, makes that easy for website owners.

Opt-in Forms And Pop-Ups

Build Your Newsletter With Email Opt-In Elements and Popups

Using Divi’s email opt-in module and Bloom’s email opt-in popups, fly-ins and forms, you can quickly grow your email list and start marketing to your audience. Create forms that convert by tailoring them to specific visitors based on how they have interacted with your page and where they are on your website. Divi integrates with dozens of email marketing platforms.

Social Sharing

Build Your Social Following And Promote Social Sharing

Using Divi’s social follow buttons and Monarch’s social sharing buttons, you have everything you need to grow your social profiles and promote social sharing on your website. Divi makes it easy to design beautiful websites, and then it helps you make them successful too.

Email Marketing Integrations

Divi and Bloom integrate with 20 different email services providers. It's easy to collect emails and build your newsletter using the Divi email opt-in module and Bloom’s suite of email popups.

Social Sharing Integrations

Using Monarch, you can display social sharing buttons in a variety of formats. Get more traffic by encouraging your visitors to share your content. Divi also makes it easy to link to your social profiles using the social follow module.

Find More Marketing Tools On The Divi Marketplace

Divi is backed by a thriving community of designers and developers. In the Divi Marketplace, you can find thousands of free and commercial modules, layouts and child themes that greatly expand Divi's functionality.

Visit the Divi Marketplace Divi Marketplace
Divi Modal Popup Marketplace

Divi Modal Popup

Create popups and lightboxes with multiple trigger types to activate them. Whether you want to display video, text, images, or something else, you can do it.

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Divi Social Sharing Buttons

Divi Social Sharing Buttons

Add the module to any page, post, or post type! Allow users to share your pages or posts on social media by including the module on the page or post directly in the Divi Builder layout.

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Divi Gravity Forms

Divi Gravity Forms

Divi Gravity Form Module lets you embed and style gravity forms in Divi’s visual builder. Enjoy no-code, fine-grained control over various parts of a Gravity Forms.

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Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays takes advantage of the power and flexibility of the Divi Builder to allow you to easily create gorgeous, full-featured popups, overlay, modals, and more… using the Divi Builder!

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Divi Contact Form Helper

Divi Contact Form Helper

Upgrade the Divi Contact Form with file uploads, date & time picker, custom subject line, confirmation emails, Zapier integration, save submissions to database, SMTP, icons, new merge tags, dashboard stats, and so much more!

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Divi Instagram Feed

Divi Instagram Feed

Divi Instagram Feed by DiviPeople is one of the best Instagram feed plugins for Divi. This plugin comes with two feature-rich Instagram modules that will integrate superbly with your website’s design.

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