Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

Send visitors to our website and earn big bucks when you refer a sale. We offer 50% commissions on new purchases and all subscription renewal payments. That's unheard of!

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50% Commissions On Divi Memberships

Earn The Highest Commission Percentage Promoting The Most Popular WordPress Theme

It's easy to earn money promoting Divi. There is a reason Divi has become the most popular WordPress Theme in the world. It practically sells itself! Divi is more than just a theme, it's a powerful website-building framework supported by a large community and a vibrant ecosystem that offers even more earning potential.

Divi Affiliate Program

50% Commissions On Divi Cloud Purchases

Earn Even More Money When Your Customers Sign Up For Divi Cloud

Divi Cloud gives Elegant Themes affiliates the opportunity to create a second recurring revenue stream and more than double your earnings per customer. Just like with the Divi membership, you get 50% commissions on the initial Divi Cloud purchase and all future renewal payments. You can't beat that!

Divi Cloud Affiliate Program

15% Commissions In The Divi Marketplace

Earn Commissions On Every Purchase In The Divi Marketplace. Thousands Of Products Create Tons Of Opportunity.

Divi has a thriving ecosystem of third party products, and all of these products represent opportunities for affiliates. Affiliates earning 50% of our 30% cut on all marketplace purchases. When a Divi customer you refer purchases a handful of marketplace products, those earnings really add up. Plus you get 15% of every yearly license renewal.

Divi Marketplace Affiliate Program

Earn Recurring Commissions Forever

We Don't Just Pay You For The Initial Purchase Like Other Affiliate Programs. You Keep Earning Forever!

You won't find an affiliate program that pays more than Elegant Themes. Not only do we offer the highest commission percentage in the industry, we also offer recurring commissions on renewal payments. This is unheard of. We promise that once you start promoting Divi and once you start to see the recurring revenue stream build up, our affiliate program will out preform everyone else's by a mile. There's no comparison.

Recurring Affiliate Revenue

Why Promote Elegant Themes?

Unlimited Storage

Get The Highest Commissions Percentage In The Industry

We offer 50% commissions. That's huge! We believe in the power of this affiliate program. That's why we have paid our affiliates over $38,000,000.00. You won't find a higher paying program in the WordPress ecosystem.


Earn Recurring Revenue On Subscriptions Forever

This is the most amazing part of the Elegant Themes affiliate program. All of our products are subscription-based. Unlike other affiliate programs, we pay you 50% of every recurring payment from the customers you refer. That recurring revenue stream builds and builds over time.


Earn More From Our Huge Ecosystem Of Products

The Divi membership is just one of the many ways that your visitors can generating commissions. Our ecosystem of products offers a much wider range of revenue opportunities than other WordPress-related affiliate programs.


Promote The Most Popular WordPress Theme

The best part about promoting Divi is that the product is awesome. It practically sells itself! That's why Divi has become the most popular WordPress theme in the world. It's an amazing product and an amazing value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the affiliate program work?

    Each affiliate is supplied with a special link that can be used to refer potential customers to our website. We track all of the traffic you send us via your special link. If any of your referrals purchase something on our website within the attribution window, you get a commission. Commissions are awarded to the affiliate that most recently referred a visitor.

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  • How much can I earn as an Elegant Themes affiliate?

    There is no limit to affiliate earnings. We have affiliates earning over $15,000 per month and, in total, our affiliates have earned over $38,000,0000!

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  • How long will referrals be attributed to my account?

    The referral window for commissions is 30 days for all new purchases. In addition, you will receive commissions for all renewal payments associated with a referred subscription.

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  • How are affiliates paid?

    Affiliate are paid via PayPal. You must have an active PayPal account in order to receive payments.

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  • When are affiliates paid?

    Affiliates are paid the first week of every month automatically.

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  • Is there a minimum payment threshold?

    Yes, there is a minimum payment threshold of $200. This is an artificial limit imposed to prevent people from using the affiliate program to get 50% off their own membership. You will easily surpass the threshold after referring ~2 customers.

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  • What are the rules?

    Don't bid on our branded terms in search engines (such as Divi, Elegant Themes, etc).
    Don't use automatic traffic generation methods such as popups, iframes, auto-surf programs or any other traffic method that does not involve an intentional click from an informed visitor.
    Don't trick users into clicking your affiliate link.
    Don't generate traffic using spam, malware or other illegal means.
    Don't promote fake discounts or coupon codes.
    Don't impersonate Elegant Themes by creating confusingly-similar websites or landing pages.
    Don't use your own affiliate link to purchase products.

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