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Divi enhances WooCommerce and allows you to completely customize your online store using custom content elements and countless design settings.

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👋 Why use Divi for your online store?

That’s simple! Divi was built with ecommerce in mind. Divi’s visual builder gives you full control over your WooCommerce product pages, checkout pages, cart pages and more. You can use the Divi Theme Builder to customize your store from top to bottom, no coding required. Divi also has unique conversion-boosting features such as A/B Testing and Condition Options, along with built-in social media integration and support for dozens of email marketing services. Divi has what you need to find success online.

Before Switching to Divi

Sad Face
Your WooCommerce store looks the same as every other store. Alterations require custom development.
Sad Face
You lack control over the structure and design of your store’s most important pages such as cart and checkout.
Sad Face
Navigating the WordPress ecosystem of plugins and piecing them together to form a real website can be confusing.
Sad Face
Often times achieving the finished website you envisioned will require custom code and web design experience.
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There’s no one to help you when you get stuck!

After Switching to Divi

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Divi gives you full design control over every aspect of your website and it’s easy for anyone to use.
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Divi lets you edit your entire website from top to bottom, including your WooCommerce pages.
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Divi has hundreds of content elements and thousands of pre-made designs. It’s easy to use because it has everything you need.
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You don’t need to be a web developer to use Divi. Everything is customizable using its visual design layer.
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We are always here to help you!

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We think Divi is amazing, but don’t just take it from us! See what other online store owners are saying about Divi 👇

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Top customer service and the best web platform!

For all those on the fence in deciding whether to choose Elegant Themes, then read this personal experience of mine!

It all began when I had to decide whether to use WordPress or Shopify. Did I want to use a simplistic design that looks like everyone else's over at Shopify, or did I want to use WordPress and get into designing every detail of my website? Long story short, I chose to use WordPress. Then came my decision on what theme to use. Having had an e-commerce store before on WordPress with a different theme provider, I then spent hours trying to figure out which one to choose! I came across Elegant Themes for its immaculate design, modern look, engaging and interactive features, front page editor, and it's 24/7 customer support. As they say, it really is the ultimate visual page builder!

Of course, starting out using it for the first time, took a while to get used to everything, but as you get into it, you quickly learn what to do and realize how easy it is to do just that! What's more is the FANTASTIC customer support. They're available 24/7 and if you need anything from how to change a background color on your website to more technical things, they answer you within a few minutes and give you a step by step action on how to achieve what you need. I couldn't have made an amazing website without them! So, thank you Elegant Themes & Divi for your fantastic customer support!

It is worth investing with them today! You will not regret it!

Divi’s Visual Builder Gives You Creative Control

With Divi’s visual builder, you have full control over the design and structure of your online store. Build anything and customize everything without ever touching a line of code.

Take The Builder For A Test Drive
Font End Design

No-Code Design

You don’t need to be an experienced designer or developer to build a website with Divi. Drag, drop and design everything using a visual interface that is both simple and powerful.

Font End Design

Full-Site Editing

With Divi, you can design your entire website from top to bottom using its visual front-end interface. You have control over everything and designing each part of your website is simple.

Divi Modules

Hundreds Of Content Elements

It’s easy to build any type of website with Divi thanks to its large collection of content elements. You can find hundreds more in the Divi Marketplace too! There’s always an answer with Divi.

Font End Design

WooCommerce Enhancer

Divi takes WooCommerce to the next level. You can customize every WooCommerce element using Divi’s visual builder and its thousands of design settings.

Font End Design

Product Page Control

Take full control over your WooCommerce product pages. Divi lets you completely customize your products. Move things around, adjust their styles and combine them with other Divi modules.

Font End Design

Cart & Checkout Customization

With Divi, you can completely customize your WooCommerce cart and checkout pages. Don’t settle for boring forms that don’t convert or don’t fit in with your website’s design.

Split Testing

Split Testing & Analytics

Divi’s visual builder comes with a built-in split testing system. Test different content and figure out which version converts the best using detailed analytics. This is invaluable for online stores looking to improve profits.

Font End Design

Advanced Conditions

Divi comes with many advanced options that online store owners will appreciate. With advanced conditions, you can use display logic to control when and where your content appears.

Font End Design

Social & Email Marketing

Divi integrates with dozens of email marketing systems and social networks. Build your newsletter and market to your audience. Grow your following on social networks. Encourage sharing with social sharing buttons.

No-Code Design

Customize Every Part Of Your Store With Easy-To-Use Design Controls

Divi’s no-code visual builder gives you full control over the design of your website. You can build anything and customize everything using Divi’s front-end interface. Divi empowers beginners and experienced designers alike with thousands of design options and hundreds of content elements.

Ecommerce Customization

Design Your Product, Cart And Checkout Pages to Match Your Website

Divi gives you full control over the design of your product pages, cart pages and checkout pages. Divi ships with a handful of WooCommerce modules, each complete with hundreds of design options. Instead of being forced to use WooCommerce’s default design, you get to design each page yourself and customize every WooCommerce element to match your website.

Ecommerce Customization

Lead Generation

Grow Your Newsletter And Build A Social Following

Divi integrates with all the most popular email marketing systems, making it easy to grow your newsletters and promote products to your most engaged visitors.

View Email Marketing Integrations
Email Providers and Social Networks


Run Countdowns, Sales, and Promotional Content with Dynamic Display Conditions

Divi is more than just a design system. It also imparts advanced functionality that can be used to enhance your online store. Use Dynamic Content to display product information. Use Conditional Display to show content to particular customers based on their purchasing or browsing behavior. There’s so much you can do with Divi.

View All Marketing Tools
Sales Countdown

A/B Testing

A/B Test, Evaluate, and Launch the Highest-Converting Content With Divi Leads

Divi comes with a fully-featured split testing system with built-in conversion tracking. Test different versions of your content to find out which converts the best.

Learn About Divi Leads Split Testing

Thousands Of Layouts

Quick Start Your Online Store With 100s of Pre-made Product, Cart, & Checkout Templates

It’s easy for anyone to get a website up and running quickly with Divi. That’s thanks to our huge collection of pre-made designs. We even have custom WooCommerce product, cart and checkout templates that are available for free to all customers.

View 2,000+ Pre-made Layouts

Customer Showcase

See How Other Store Owners Are Thriving With Divi

Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. It has been used by hundreds of thousands of people to build countless online stores.

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Premium Support

Premium Support

Build Confidently With 24/7 Support

We are very proud of the support we provide our customers. That’s why we have over 20,000 five-star reviews, many of which rave about the surprising level of support we are able to provide using our 24/7 support chat and remote access systems. With Divi, you always have someone in your corner.

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Expand Your Online Store Toolkit In The Divi Marketplace

One of Divi's strongest assets is its amazing community of talented designers and developers. In the Divi Marketplace, you will find hundreds of free and commercial extensions that greatly expand Divi's ecommerce functionality.

Visit the Divi Marketplace Divi Marketplace
Divi Plus

Woo Essential

Get the best all-in-one approach to WooCommerce website design for Divi. With Woo Essential, you can design stunning ecommerce websites using a variety of new Divi product modules such as product carousels, product accordions, product pop-ups and more.

View Product
Divi Ecommerce

Divi Ecommerce

Divi Ecommerce is a premium child theme designed to sell products online with Divi and WooCommerce. Showcase, promote, and market your products with professionally styled product, cart, checkout, account, CTA’s, and shopping pages built to convert.

View Product
Molti Ecommerce

Molti Ecommerce

Molti comes with amazing WooCommerce Functionalities and Features that will help you set up your Ecommerce store as well as any Business site in minutes. It Provides 10+ More Pages and 25+ Pages in Total and now you’ll get 10 Header & 10 Footer Designs as well.

View Product
Divi Mini Cart

Divi Mini Cart

Divi Mini Cart gives you the ability to show the number of products in cart and it also enables a drop-down cart content, which shows your customers a list of their added-to-cart items when they click on the cart icon.

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Hide & Show Pro

Hide & Show Pro

Hide & Show PRO gives you full control over who sees your website content and when. Easily create both Repeating and Non-Repeating Marketing Promotions, Sales, Event and other Notifications to create a highly personalized browsing experience

View Product
WooCommerce Layouts for Divi

WooCommerce Layouts for Divi

The new Divi WooCommerce layouts provide you with multiple rich, easy to use and flexible product page layouts that allow you to easily enhance the look and feel of your Divi store.

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Divi Community

Join An Enthusiastic Community Of Successful WordPress Freelancers

Divi Facebook

Divi Facebook Group

If you are a Facebook user, you will definitely want to join the Divi Facebook Group. It’s great to have a helpful community at your back, and the Divi community is the best!

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Divi Meetups

Divi Meetups

Divi meetups are sprouting up all around the world. Find a local meetup or start your own. One of Divi’s biggest assets is its amazingly-helpful community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Divi the perfect solution for store owners?

    Divi makes building WordPress websites much easier. It empowers beginners to create their own wonderful websites while still remaining incredibly powerful for more experienced designers. On top of that, Divi comes with many features that are uniquely useful for ecommerce websites. Divi integrates with WooCommerce and gives you complete control over the design of your product pages, cart pages and checkout pages.

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  • Why should I choose Divi + WooCommerce over solutions like Wix or Shopify?

    Divi + WooCommerce gives you all the design power and ecommerce functionality of Wix and Shopify. In fact, Divi comes with many more design options than these platforms. Divi gives you more control over the design of your website while still remaining very user-friendly. There are also huge advantages to choosing the open source WordPress platform over closed platforms like Wix and Shopify. These walled gardens trap you inside their proprietary systems. You don’t have the same control and ownership over your content. WordPress provides you much more freedom. You are less likely to hit a dead end and remain stuck with a website that you aren’t happy with or doesn’t provide the functionality your business requires.

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  • Why should I choose Divi over other WordPress builders like Elementor?

    Divi is much more affordable that our competitors while providing all the design options and features you will need. In fact, we think Divi is the best website builder, period! Pair that with our low prices and Divi’s value can’t be beat. An Elementor membership can cost up to $999. We charge $89.

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  • Why should I purchase Divi when I can download WordPress themes for free?

    WordPress is filled with lots of wonderful free themes and plugins. However, when you use a free product there is no guarantee that the author will continue to update it as the WordPress landscape changes. Free themes and plugins can become abandoned and eventually become incompatible with WordPress or vulnerable to exploitation. Free products also don’t come with guarantee support. Your website is very important. Invest in the success of your website and in the future of your business with Divi.

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  • Does Divi work with other WordPress themes and plugins?

    Yes, Divi will work with other WordPress themes and plugins. We built Divi to work with WordPress, not against it. Divi gives you all the power of flexibility of WordPress and its open source ecosystem, with all the benefits of a modern no-code design experience. Divi also enhance certain plugins, giving you more control over the design of the plugin on the front end of your website. View a full list of enhanced Divi integrations.

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  • Do you offer a refund policy?

    Yes, we offer a very generous no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy. If you aren’t happy with Divi, ask for a refund. It’s easy to offer such a good refund policy when the product is so great!

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