Build Your Team & Collaborate With Them Across The Divi Ecosystem

Invite team members and clients to your team and give them access to Divi and its suite of services. You control what your team members can and cannot do, allowing web design teams to properly delegate tasks and collaborate effectively across the Divi ecosystem and give their clients access to our support system.

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Build Your Team

Grow Your Team No Matter How Big or Small

You manage your team capacity and pay-as-you-go for only the seats you need. It’s quick and easy to onboard new members and to manage active team members.

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Divi Teams Management

Everyone Gets Their Own Account

Each Team Member Gets an Account With Access to All Divi Services

With your team members fully integrated into the Divi ecosystem with their own accounts, they are free to build websites from start to finish. You as the account owner don’t need to be a bottleneck. Everyone can download Divi and Divi Marketplace products, generate API Keys, contact our support team, manage their own Divi Cloud library and more.

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Divi Teams Access

Fine-Tuned Permissions

Create User Roles And Manage Your Team’s Permissions

As the account owner, you control what your team members can and cannot do. You control what team members can do with their own account, such as which services they can access. You control how they can interact with team members, such as whose API keys they can view/manage. You control how their ability to perform administrative tasks, such as the ability to manage team members, access billing and cancel services.

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Divi Teams Permissions

Everyone Gets Their Own Divi Cloud

Let Your Designers Manage Their Own Cloud Library

All of your team members get their own Divi Cloud account. If you are a Divi Cloud subscriber, they also get unlimited Divi Cloud storage for free!

Learn About Divi Cloud
Divi Cloud

Share Divi Cloud Items With Your Teammates

Work Together In The Cloud On The Same Collection Of Assets

Improve your design workflow by working together in the cloud! Each member on your team can share their Divi Cloud library and control the permissions granded to each person. This allows your team to work together on the same collection of Divi assets and maintain a shared library of layouts, theme builder templates, code snippets and more.

Divi Cloud Sharing

Team Access to 24/7 Support

Learn All About Divi Support

Give Team Members a Direct Line to Our Support Team

All of your team members can access our support system on their own so that you don’t have to.

Let Us Help Your Clients When They Get Stuck

Let us do the heavy lifting. Give your clients access to our support team so that we can solve their problems for you.

Empower Your Team

Create And Effective Web Design Team. No More Bottlenecks, Shared Logins Or Security Concerns.

Download Products

Give Team Members Access to Download Divi Products & Services

Everyone on your team can download the latest version of Divi and all products purchased from the Divi Marketplace.

Generate API Key

Allow Your Developers to Manage and Access API Keys

Now your whole team can create and manage API Keys as you build new websites for your clients.

Manage Subscriptions

Let Your Accountant Manage Your Billing Account and Subscriptions

Administrative tasks can also be delegated to your team members, including team management and billing.

Purchase Marketplace Products

Allow Team Members to Purchase Divi Marketplace Products

Let your team members find, purchase and download the tools they need to create any type of Divi website.

Save to Divi Cloud

Let Designers Build and Share on Their Own Divi Clouds

Give your designers their own Divi Cloud account and let them build their own library with unlimited storage capacity.

Premium Support Chat

Empower Your Clients to Access the Tools They Need for Success

Give your clients a better experience by giving them their own account and access to our support services.

Amazing Value

Every Team Member Gets 24/7 Support and Unlimited Divi Cloud Storage for a Fraction of the Cost.

When you upgrade to Divi Cloud Unlimited, each of your team members also get Divi Cloud Unlimited for no extra charge.

Invite Your Team Today Divi Cloud

Grow Your Divi Web Design Team

Divi Teams is an amazing value at only $2 per month per team member, or only $1.50 per month when you pay yearly. You can scale your team up and down on-demand. You only pay for the team seats you need based on the size of your team.

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Become A Member

Start By Purchasing A Divi Membership

Not a Divi customer yet? Before you can start building your team, you must first purchase a Divi membership. After that, you can start inviting your team and collaborating within the Divi ecosystem!

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Invite Your Team

$1.50/ Seat Per Month

  • Customizable PermissionsControl what your team can and cannot do using custom roles and fine-tuned permissions.
  • Divi Cloud AccessAll of tour team members get access to Divi Cloud for free, including unlimited storage for Divi Cloud members.
  • API Key ManagementSeparate API Keys for each client and let your team members create and manage API Keys on their own.
  • Product DownloadsGive your team access to the latest version of Divi and all products you purchase in the Divi Marketplace.
  • Premium SupportAll of tour team members and clients get access to our 24/7 Support Chat at a fraction of the cost of a normal membership.
  • Risk-Free GuaranteeWe offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you are not happy with Divi Teams, we will refund your purchase. No questions asked.
Invite Your Team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I remove seats after I have purchased them?

    Yes, you can remove seats at any time, which will affect the payment amount of your next renewal payment. During each renewal period, you are charged for your chosen number of team seats.

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  • Can I purchase more seats in the middle of a billing cycle?

    Yes, you can add new seats at any time and as your team grows. The unused days in the current billing cycle are prorated and Divi Teams renewal price is adjusted accordingly.

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  • Do I have to purchase Divi Cloud for everyone on my team?

    Nope, all of your team members automatic inherit access to the Divi services you have purchased. If you have subscribed to Div Cloud, all of your team members will get their own Divi Cloud account with unlimited storage.

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  • Can my team members see my payment information?

    You choose which of your team members has access to the account owner’s billing area. Only the last four digits of your credit card are visible to team members with billing access.

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  • Can team members see all other members on my team?

    You choose which team members can see other team members. For example, if you want to add a client to your team in order to give them access to our support services, but you don’t want them to be able to interact with your web design team, you can disable their team view permission.

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  • Will my team members be able to delete items from my Divi Cloud?

    No, all team members have their own Divi Cloud accounts. In the future, you will be able to share access to your Divi Cloud library with team members if you so choose.

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  • Why should I pay to add clients to my team?

    Giving clients their own Elegant Themes account is a great way to give them a better Divi experience at a fraction of the cost of a normal membership. Each of your clients will have their own set of API Keys, which are clearly separated and manageable by your team. Clients on your team will be able to contact our support team when they run into problems instead of contacting you!

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